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Windows ASIO Driver


2/16/2022: Version 2.15 released!

This version officially supports Windows 10 and Windows 11.

It has been confirmed to also work on Windows 7 and Windows 8, with only minor visual GUI artefacts.


Changes since previous 2.13 and 2.14 release:

  • Fixes and workarounds for on-board audio on newer AMD systems (like Ryzen 5000).
  • Fixes and workarounds for Intel® Smart Sound Technology (Intel® SST).
  • Workaround for Oculus VAD
  • Fix crash with Blackmagic Design DeckLink drivers.
  • Fix GUI visual distortion on high DPI display.
  • Add WaveRt packet support.
  • Fix: Sometimes, sample data was truncated to 16 bits on high resolution devices.
  • Fix: Sometimes, a cryptic string was appearing as USB device channel name inside host ASIO settings.
  • Changed AsioGetChannelInfo() to group channels by individual device.
  • GUI now showing the audio data format currently used, instead of the capabilities, for any active item.
  • Fix: Some audio devices were not detected.
  • Add full Unicode support for visuals.
  • Instruction manual now online, accessible through a GUI help button.
  • Completely dropped support for “ReWuschel” and Off-line settings. You could still re-enable “ReWuschel” by setting a registry key, but who really still uses software that is more than 20 years old?
  • Avoid using “Stereo Mix” loopback input in default configuration.
  • Force WDM driver to 16 bit

    Force WDM driver to 16 bit

    This option only has an effect if the supported bit depth of the WDM driver is larger than 16, but less than 24. Some devices report e.g. 20 Bits resolution but cannot actually be opened for more than 16 Bits resolution. Should this be the case on your system, this option provides a workaround. Originally,… more

  • Optimization hints

    Optimization hints

    Playing software synths live In this scenario, you do not need audio inputs. Therefore, you best disable them all, which normally will provide you with a better stability at very small ASIO buffer sizes, or allow smaller buffer sizes in the first place. Further, you should also disable all audio outputs you do not really… more