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欢迎来到 ASIO4ALL! 本手册使您能够充分利用您的 ASIO4ALL 安装,尤其是在涉及到此版本 ASIO4ALL 中新引入的高级功能时。

为了在非常旧的计算机上使用 ASIO4ALL 获得最佳效果,建议您相应地配置您的计算机:

  • 运行旧版本的 Windows 时,将电源方案设置为 Always On (XP) 或 High Performance (Vista) 以关闭处理器 P-State 切换! 高级:修改现有电源方案,使 CPU 速度不切换,因为其他电源设置不那么重要。
  • 关闭系统声音! 虽然例如 Windows 登录声音当然不会成为问题,响应按钮单击、通知等的声音效果将意味着 ASIO4ALL 在播放时可能无法初始化音频设备。

注意:幸运的是,如果您使用的是不到 10 年的 Windows 版本,这些问题就不那么重要了! 然后,您无需重新配置系统。


  • 入门

    Getting Started

    Setting up your audio software In order to make use of ASIO4ALL, you need to configure your audio software accordingly. How you would do this depends on your particular software application. Generally, you would always enter the audio configuration menu and select ASIO -> ASIO4ALL v2. There now should be a button to launch the… 更多

  • 基本配置

    Basic configuration

    WDM Device List This is the list of audio devices found in your system. Highlight the device that you want to make changes to. Note: All parameter changes always only apply to the device currently highlighted! Activate the device you want to use by clicking on the button next to the device name! In the… 更多

  • 高级配置

    Advanced configuration

    Once the control panel has been switched to advanced mode, things begin to look a little more complicated. The device list is now expandable and you can enable more than one item at a time. Device list items explained: Devices are independent hardware units most of the time. It is easy to understand the concept… 更多